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Don’t stifle views of those who worry about new mining impact

Don’t stifle views of those who worry about new mining impact…printed in the Ely Timberjay Sept. 19, 2011…image was not included in original printing, we added that.

In Sunday’s Mesabi Daily News, Bill Hanna, headlined his front page with the news article, “Never Mined.” From his bully pulpit Mr.Hanna derided the North House […]

A Wilderness Worth Preserving

Regulators need to protect our valuable water.

The Cracks in the Copper mining Sales Pitch…becoming clearer.

Watch the VIDEO Then comment on what CRACKS you see in the Copper Mining Sales pitch. I have a feeling we’ve just barely scratched the surface here.

The slides that Paul Danicic presented during his presentation to […]

The opportunity of Toxiland!

Visit Toxiland

I may have underestimated local and state politicians bending all rules necessary, changing laws when possible, and giving vast sums of money to already wealthy mining companies to lure them to the Minnesota Gold, presently Non-Ferrous Metals ensuring nearly hundreds of jobs, in the short term.

But, their long term thinking […]

Corporate Heavy-handedness by Kennecott in Copper Sulfide Rock Mining

Dear friends,

I don’t do this very often, but this is a call to rally the troops.

As you likely know, folks in Michigan’s far North in the Upper Peninsula have been battling Kennecott for nearly five years now. Kennecott/Rio Tinto proposes to blast a portal to its new metallic sulfide mine through a sacred […]

Firmness In The Right; by Mike Hillman

During the last local election, the candidates running for a seat on the town council were asked the question about where they stood on the issue of sulfide mining in Northeastern Minnesota. I listened as the other candidates conducted to what amounted to a mini debate with themselves that placed each firmly, and safely, on […]

2007-Franconia Minerals Appoints William C. Brice, Ex Director of MN DNR Division of Minerals, As Director of Government &Amp; Community Relations

I’m certain there is nothing illegal here, “They” wouldn’t be THAT bold. But, am I the only one that sees a MAJOR conflict of interest here. The DNR is supposed to be accomplishing the Greater Good for the people of Minnesota. We taxpayers paid for Mr. Brice’s services and educated him in the ways of […]

Comments on the Blog

Thank you for your comments and encouragement. We’ve gotten so many comments of encouragement that it would block the “Posts” to post them all, when they only encourage and compliment (don’t get me wrong those are much appreciated). We will however post all content related to the topic of Copper Nickel Sulfide Mining. Also, we […]

Sulfide mining should have no place in Minnesota’s lake country

First posted on MPR News by Christopher Loch January 11, 2010

The media need to start telling the whole story about newly-proposed mining projects in Northern Minnesota. The public should know about how mines such as those proposed by the Canadian company PolyMet will affect the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) and other natural […]

Good News for all Minnesotans and BWCAW visitors and supporters – Cash Assurances

It was announced today that Duluth Metals, the company wanting to mine 6000 ft. below birch lake on the edge of the Boundary Waters has signed an agreement with a Chilean company called Antofagasta. This is great news for all Minnesotans and BWCAW visitors and supporters. With this announcement comes financial commitments from Antofagasta:

Proper […]

Bob Tammen Comment on “Giving the environment rights.”

The mail below is interesting. I looked up the website and it has a unique message–giving the environment rights.

It’s just that we would need some kind of a group to make this work.