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Congressional commission in Chile blames mine owners for rockfall which trapped 33 men underground for 69 days last year

Chile Congress blames San Jose mine owners for collapse San Jose mine at night The miners spent 69 days underground after last year’s accident Continue reading the main story Related Stories

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A […]

To Hell With The Future; We Want Mining Jobs Today

By Mike Hillman

Like many people living in Northeastern Minnesota, I’m getting pretty tired of hearing about all the negative things those environmentalists are telling us about what will happen if we allow those foreign mining companies to come here and tap into the second richest undeveloped reserve of precious metals in the world. If […]

Sulfide mining should have no place in Minnesota’s lake country

First posted on MPR News by Christopher Loch January 11, 2010

The media need to start telling the whole story about newly-proposed mining projects in Northern Minnesota. The public should know about how mines such as those proposed by the Canadian company PolyMet will affect the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) and other natural […]

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What does clean water and a healthy ecosystem have to do with Northeastern Minnesota and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness? EVERYTHING! […]

Sulfide Mining In or Near the BWCA

The BWCA is facing a major turning point in its history and needs level heads and calm minds to determine the proper way to proceed. We are faced with the contentious issue of non-ferrous sulfide mining in or near the lakes and streams of the BWCA. The EIS was released this week and the countdown […]