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Political & Civic Events in the Area

Oxford definition of “political” = relating to the government or the public affairs of a country

Open Conversations – Casual monthly public form facilitated by Council Member Adam Bisbee and co-facilitator Council Member Angela Campbell, Ely Folk School. All are welcome!

Next meeting 6 pm, Tuesday, Dec. 12th.

Local Newspapers

Support our local newspapers: Subscribe! We are so fortunate to have 2 weekly newspapers with different perspectives on politics. Read the perspectives of regular columnists, editors, and writers (especially those who pen letters to the editor). Who sits on Ely Commissions or holds elected/appointed position(s) in the region? Who is an (in)direct lobbyist? Which writers espouse division or unity?

Migrating past politics, enjoy the regular nonpartisan nature updates by Bill Tefft and Marshall Helmberger. Keep up-to-date on local and regional events, entertainment, artists, sports, schools, places of worship, businesses, and community/self-care health options.

The Timberjay – Catie Clark regularly reports on Ely Council meetings, etc.

The Ely Echo – Tom Coombe regularly reports on Ely Council meetings, etc.

Our Major Political Parties

There are 2 major political parties active in the area. Visit their State websites to see what bread-and-butter issues they openly support or are silent about. What issues impact you and your family?

Minnesota DFL (Democratic Farmer Labor) Party) = Check out the podcasts and shop

Minnesota Republican Party (GOP) = Check out the shop