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PolyMet using state’s waters as testing ground

Are the waters of Northeastern Minnesota less precious than those of Wisconsin?

Wisconsin will not allow sulfide ore mining until it can be proven that it can be done without harming the environment. No mining company has done that.

The waters of Northeastern Minnesota could be a testing ground for PolyMet’s unproven methods. The damage […]

Beware of PolyMet

Published: Saturday, December 26, 2009 10:48 PM CST

Mining companies have one reason for setting their sights on Northeastern Minnesota: Extracting minerals.

They have no benevolent desire to create jobs or pay taxes. They have poured millions of dollars into public relations campaigns convincing and promising regional politicians that their project is the economy’s “savior,” […]

Hunting and angling groups call for PolyMet accountability

December 21, 2009

Members of Minnesota’s hunting and angling community issued the following statement over the weekend. It highlights many of known concerns about the PolyMet Draft Environmental Impact Statement and demonstrates how this issue is of concern to a broad segment of Minnesota’s citizens:

Sportsmen’s coalition supports holding PolyMet fully accountable for watershed […]

Pope John Paul II Concern for the Planet

“When concern for economic and technological progress is not accompanied by concern for the balance of the ecosystem, our earth is inevitably exposed to serious environmental damage, with consequent harm to human beings. Blatant disrespect for the environment will continue as long as the earth and its potential are seen merely as objects for immediate […]

Our View on the Duluth News Tribune Editorial Dec. 20, 2009

My View of Our View by the Duluth New Tribune which they first “aired” March 1st and then ran again Dec. 20, 2009

Even for Editorial Comments this “Puff Piece for the Mining Industry” was beyond reason. Why are they trying to Puff and Sell Copper Nickel mining to their readership? What do they gain? […]

Sixteen Tons and What Would You Get, by Mike Hillman

One of the best mining ballads is Merle Travis’ song; Sixteen Tons. The title comes from the average amount of ore a miner brought each month in order to almost break even. The classic line of the song comes at the end of the chorus; “St. Peter don’t you call me cause I can’t go, […]

Polymet Pep Rally in Aurora, MN December 9, 2009

The Minnesota DNR allowed politicians to control the format of this public meeting and turn an informational public meeting into a Pep Rally for Polymet, a Cu Ni Sulfide Rock mining company. No public comment was allowed. Bused in miners, at whose expense we don’t know, wore stickers and sweatshirts shouting their support for Polymet. […]

Original Posts

What does clean water and a healthy ecosystem have to do with Northeastern Minnesota and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness? EVERYTHING! […]

Sulfide Mining In or Near the BWCA

The BWCA is facing a major turning point in its history and needs level heads and calm minds to determine the proper way to proceed. We are faced with the contentious issue of non-ferrous sulfide mining in or near the lakes and streams of the BWCA. The EIS was released this week and the countdown […]