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Rebecca Otto puts Minnesota Tax Payers first and outrages the mining-at-any-cost legions

Maybe Babbitt’s Welcome Sign should read as above.

This picture of the Babbitt Welcome sign area epitomizes the incorrigible nature of the “Mine, Log, and Lease the Hell Out of These Lands” crowd. They can not tolerate one dissenting vote without shouting “Dump Otto” from all the bully pulpits of Northeastern Minnesota. The […]

Citizens of Northeastern Minnesota begin to awaken to the real dangers and pitfalls of Non-Ferrous Exploration and Mining!

Citizens beginning to meet on Copper Mining in MN

Three major steps! Watch the Videos below.

Three major victories occurred for people in Northeastern Minnesota in October. Although these victories are very significant they are only temporary. We only have a few months to slow the Mining/MN Political juggernaut that thinks Copper mining is […]