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Recording City Council Dec 19 2023 mtg

Read details below YouTube video for time markers and topics.

Ely Girls High School Volleyball Proclamation and Recognition

Ely Echo open seat notices

Published on Sat., Dec. 16th. HRA application is due during school break: Wed., Dec 27th. Other applications are due Fri., Jan. 5th;

Published in Ely Echo (Sports Section 2) on Sat., Dec. 16th.

On left, HRA application is due during school break: Wed., Dec 27th.

On right, other applications are due Fri., […]

Recording Park & Rec mtg Dec 18 2023

Time marker 30:35 – 49:00: Discussion on P1, P2 and O Zones. P1 and P2 = public uses (plural).

O = open, no designation, nobody managing, can be re-zoned, not protected as natural area.

31:00+ mins and again 36:50+ mins Bill Teft speaks about zoning. He will come back with more specific research. 


City Council Approves Emergency Payroll for Ambulance Dec 12 2023

l to r: Fire Chief Dave Marshall, Al Forsman, Paul Kess

Click here to watch YouTube.

Click here to watch YouTube.

This is NOT a permanent fix. Many issues were well articulated tonight at this special 20-minute Council meeting. Hope was expressed that Ely’s hospital will bring the ambulance back under its […]

Notices Lost in Translation?

Public Notices as of 5:15 pm Dec 8th on City webpage.

New Commission list from City webpage, 5:15 pm, Dec. 8th. No openings listed.

Public announcement postings delayed

Two timely public notices were in this week’s Ely Echo, the official newspaper for Ely. The printed edition is usually delivered by […]

Recording City Council Dec 5 2023

The meeting was split into 2 parts, because they recessed for Truth in Taxation Open Hearing.

Part A Highlights 

1:00-14:30 Well Being Development power point on Community Based Recovery Program.

14:30+. P&Z motion for P&Z to receive education from City Atty. Compare evolution of motion on Nov 15th (P&Z minutes, pp […]

Recording Truth in Taxation Public Hearing Dec 5 2023 The camera was mostly pointed at the overhead front screen. The power point was narrated by Harold Langoiwski, Ely City Clerk/Treasurer. The Truth in Taxation packet was posted on the City website. Get the packet. Note: This short Public Hearing was held approximately 30 minutes after the regularly scheduled Council meeting started. The Council […]

Dec 12 Open Conversations Public Forum

Recording Joint Study Session Nov 28 2023 Council with P&Z This video is a benchmark educational tool for the Study Session’s participants: Ely City Council, the Planning & Zoning Commissioners, and City Hall…as well as the residents of Ely, MN. Listen to great questions and comments. I was personally impressed with the candor. Candor lets us truthfully identify problems and then agree on […]

Recording City Council Nov 21 2023 This is a benchmark recording by citizen volunteers who are seeking a more transparent, accountable, and accessible city government in Ely, MN. This meeting on November 21, 2023 is multi-purpose educational tool for residents to observe City Council in action. It’s also intended to be used as a mirror for City Hall, City […]