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Recording Public Info Hearing on Fire & Ambulance Bldgs Jan 16 2024

City of Ely, MN, required informational hearing 5-5:30 pm. See City website for packet documents, including drawings:

These are preliminary plans. The City wants project ready for bidding in next few months, so construction can start this summer 2024. Harold Langowski, Ely Clerk/Treasurer, provided details of locations and building improvements, using the […]

Notices Lost in Translation?

Public Notices as of 5:15 pm Dec 8th on City webpage.

New Commission list from City webpage, 5:15 pm, Dec. 8th. No openings listed.

Public announcement postings delayed

Two timely public notices were in this week’s Ely Echo, the official newspaper for Ely. The printed edition is usually delivered by […]

Recording Truth in Taxation Public Hearing Dec 5 2023 The camera was mostly pointed at the overhead front screen. The power point was narrated by Harold Langoiwski, Ely City Clerk/Treasurer. The Truth in Taxation packet was posted on the City website. Get the packet. Note: This short Public Hearing was held approximately 30 minutes after the regularly scheduled Council meeting started. The Council […]

Recording – Open Hearing Nov 15 2023 Campground on Miners Lake

Chair of Board of Adjustments (BOA), Mike Banovetz, opened and then immediately “deleted” the meeting.

All the BOA Members met later that night for their scheduled Planning & Zoning meeting. Includes citizens comments before and after cancellation