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Recording City Council mtg Jan 2 2045

Time markings and topics below are not always chronological.

Ely, MN City Council meeting – first regular scheduled meeting meeting for 2024. .Agendas & packets for 2024 Council meetings — Council meeting agendas & packets –

49:25 Changes for dog licenses: forms for lifetime and annual dog licenses are now available […]

Recording Planning & Zoning Dec 20 2023

The meeting lasted over 2 hours. Please refer to the approximate time markers for topics. When topics were brought up again during a discussion of a different agenda item, usually there is a 2nd time marker. Not all references to the proposed Miners Lake campground are time marked.

Some of the Commissioners were […]

Recording Joint Study Session Nov 28 2023 Council with P&Z This video is a benchmark educational tool for the Study Session’s participants: Ely City Council, the Planning & Zoning Commissioners, and City Hall…as well as the residents of Ely, MN. Listen to great questions and comments. I was personally impressed with the candor. Candor lets us truthfully identify problems and then agree on […]

Recording P&Z Mtg Nov 15 2023

This Planning & Zoning Commission meeting followed the Open Public Hearing that was suddenly cancelled that night. Parts A and B are each about 30 minutes long. Part C is about 8 minutes long. Commission meetings of citizen-appointed meetings are not recorded, (re)broadcast or streamed. The official minutes are not complete. Agendas and packets […]