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Dill’s Solution to the Water Threat of Sulfide Ore Mining in the Duluth Complex

Dill’s Pickle & Solution

The late Jackpine Bob Cary, respected Ely elder, still speaks to us. Will we listen?

Environmentally, “We,re a spitten mess!”

In 2002, Bob Cary spoke at Vermilion Community College. He was one of about 20 speakers in a series called “Speaking of Wilderness” sponsored by the Sigurd Olson Listening Point Foundation. Mining, fishing, canoeing, Knife Lake, local Native American elders, the Ojibwa language (which he studied in his […]

Polymet SDEIS Released-Liespotting 101-See if you can catch the tell.

KBJR News, Jennifer Austin, summarized the release of the Polymet SDEIS (Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement) recently. Someone doesn’t believe what they are saying in this segment by Channel 6 News, Duluth. See if you can tell who that is. If you were a gambling person you would go all in against this person’s bet […]

Polymet-500 years of cleanup of the 99% waste after Polymet gets its 1%

Polymet-What are you going to do with the 99% waste?

500 years of clean up is incomprehensible to a normal person, but not to a mining company. There seems to be a severe disconnect with reality. We have fragmented forests, impaired waters, and epidemiological studies show our region is below average in health […]

Go Polymet! Puff Piece Idealizing Sulfide Mining

It’s the Laptop!

View Video Here: Go Polymet Go! “Polymet says yes to some of life’s biggest questions.” (add your big questions you’d like Polymet to answer.) This Polymet/Glencore (Click here to see what Glencore is all about.) puff piece starts with an attractive surprised young blond looking down at a diamond ring. […]