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Awareness Tools

Citizens for transparency have started recording City Council and Commission meetings. We are using the first recordings as benchmarks, multi-educational tools to observe, review and evaluate our City government. Subsequent recordings will be reviewed for progress towards the goal of a citizen-focused and citizen-based government. Each of these YouTube videos have “study guides” or commentaries below the video.

November 15, 2023 Open Hearing (canceled) – Development/expansion of huge RV campground in residential area on Miners Lake, Ely, MN. Includes citizens comments before and after cancellation

November 15, 2023 Planning & Zoning Commission

The P&Z meeting is posted in 3 parts. A and B are each approx 30 minutes, Part C approx 8 mins. 

Part A = Includes motions to update Public Hearing procedures and training Commissioners on Robert’s Rules of Order 

Part B = Includes discussion on Planning Unit Development (PUD) for next shoreline/campground development requests 

Part C = Includes discussions after P&Z meeting was adjourned

November 20, 2023 Park & Recreation Commission

About 7 minutes into the meeting, Bill Tefft talks about zoning & coding for natural spaces and open spaces for Park & Rec activities. He speaks later on too.  Maybe Park & Rec can get Planning & Zoning via City Council to act, plus maybe expand natural spaces? Kathryn Farion gives Garden Club updates and their future needs.

November 21, 2023 City Council meeting

Cindy Smyka’s presentation on Ely’s Tourism Bureau is outstanding. Time marker 8:15.

November 28, 2023 Joint Study Session (Council with P&Z)

This meeting is a casual working study session about (re) zoning and (re) coding parts of Ely.  No actions are taken, just open candid  discussions among P&Z, Council, City Attorney and City Clerk. The public can observe.