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Recording City Council Dec 5 2023

The meeting was split into 2 parts, because they recessed for Truth in Taxation Open Hearing.

Part A Highlights 

1:00-14:30 Well Being Development power point on Community Based Recovery Program.

14:30+. P&Z motion for P&Z to receive education from City Atty. Compare evolution of motion on Nov 15th (P&Z minutes, pp 16-19 in Council packet). 15:30+ P&Z motion for Council to tell them to work on land use comprehensive plan.

16:40 TAB. 19:20 Tree Board – 2024 = Ely’s 10 year celebration being Tree City USA.

20:00 Gardner Trust. 20:40 EUC 24:40 Explanation re nuisance beaver control.

26:10 RAMS packet distributed to Council. Range Association of Municipalities & Schools is meeting next week. Money from taconite taxes used for projects. 29:30 recess 

Part B Highlights

1:00+ Dept reports (1) Fire Chief- marked increase in calls for mental heath 1:30 Library.

3:30-21:50 Police Chief Houde’s impressive power point on police recruitment with (unexpected surprise?) appeal for $30,000 from 2023 legislative Public Safety Aid package. 9:05 Funding details $140,427 to Ely. Winton got $7,308 Tower $18,642 Babbitt $60,564 Virginia $364,567 Lake County $268,539 SLC $3,423,415. 12:50 Offering canoes to FT police staff as incentive.14:55 Canoe on Ely Police vehicle “We’re Hiring.” 15:05 new patch. Council approves $30,000 for canoes and other recruitment/retention efforts.

21:50-27:25 Swearing in ceremony for new Police Officer Courtney Olson.

27:25 City Atty. Closed mtg to be held after Open Forum. 28:20 Communications

28:40 MN Dept of Health “We’re in the clear”for lead/copper. 28:50 Payments 29:00 New Business

30:00 Polling Precinct for 2024 = Ely Senior (Community) Center. Harold says no City elections in March, but there will be a Presidential Primary in March.

32:00-32:58 (2 minutes) Mayor says, “Really quickly, Harold.” Council approves posting for open Commission seats (but not in The Timberjay). Harold says appointment procedures are in City Code and City Charter. If anyone’s interested, City can send them a copy. No details given as to how many openings nor which commissions have open seats. Why the secrecy?? Note: The 3 pages Harold provided after meeting did not really describe duties of each commission nor qualifications. It is not clear if once appointed, all Commissioners just simply serve for 3 x 3 terms (3 years) = 9 years. Appointments are made by Council at their first meeting in January 2024.

34:00-45:16 Discussion on short term rental licensing limits. Added to agenda today. Resolution will be drafted by City Atty for Council meeting in January. Public notification will be published. Note: See pages 18-25 in Tuesday’s posted additions to Council packet.

Council packet = 

Tuesday additions to Council packet: 

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