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Jobs, Coming to a Minnesota Community Near You!

Jobs, Coming to a Minnesota Community Near You!

I,ve heard the argument recently that “All” companies have made improvements in environmental stewardship in the last few decades and that our regulators are just doing a “great” job of protecting us against pollution.

Please watch the PBS film by Frontline “Poisoned Waters.”  Then come back and tell me what a great job we are doing in the U.S. to protect our waters, our health, and our communities long term viability.

At this critical time in our Nations history when we need, no must, reverse our decades long abuse of our planet.   We must find ways to create jobs that contribute to the health of our children and our families, our communities, and the environment.

Trusting in industry and our regulators and politicians is what has gotten us the “Poisoned Waters” that the PBS film is about.  Watch the film, unless you just don’t want to know what’s happening in your world.  Then just trust.

Illustration by: Elliot Dahl   View more of his work at www.elliotdahl.com

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