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Recording City Council mtg Jan 2 2045

Time markings and topics below are not always chronological.

Ely, MN City Council meeting – first regular scheduled meeting meeting for 2024. .
Agendas & packets for 2024 Council meetings —
2023 Council meeting agendas & packets –

49:25 Changes for dog licenses: forms for lifetime and annual dog licenses are now available through the City Police Department and can be mailed in. Forms will no longer be processed at Ely (Drivers) License Office on Chapman. 2024 tags will be mailed or delivered when they arrive. The forms should eventually be available online. Until posted online, email Police Department or call 218-365-3222

2024 Ely City fee schedule

51:50 The City provides low 2% interest rate loans to homeowners for improvements which are approved by Council. Information and applications are available online:

2:55 Council Members need to review 2023 Committee assignments and request any changes before next Council meeting (page 7 in packet).

26:50 Park & Rec updates , including North Country Trails.

31:50 Council approves P&Z motion to meet twice monthly on 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. P&Z minutes of Dec. 20, 2023 in Council packet were not reviewed or approved by P&Z. The minutes use “resend.” The P&Z discussions indicate their intention to “rescind” (take back or withdraw their original motion). See actual P&Z discussions at beginning and end of their Dec. 20, 2023 meeting. YouTube link:

42:30 Fire Chief updates
46:15 Library updates

Note: The Planning Unit Development (PUD) mentioned during Request to Appear (presentation on fiscal responsibility and accountability, starting time marker 8:48) was in the Nov. 15, 2023 Planning and Zoning packet (pages 6-37). See Section 1105.01 (Public Benefit) on page 6: “Preservation and enhancement of natural systems and resources, topography, vegetation, and other natural features.” The regularly scheduled P&Z meeting was held shortly after the Public Hearing that same night was canceled re: campground expansion on Miners Lake in residential area. YouTube recording of this P&Z meeting (Part B focuses on PUD prepared by City for P&Z to use to “get around” problems) =

Note: For the past months, the Ely Park & Recreation Commission has held discussions and presentations on “preservation and enhancement of natural systems and resources,” also in terms of zoning and including Miners Lake, which have not officially been passed on by City to P&Z or Council. See Park & Rec YouTube recordings from Nov. 20, 2023 and Dec 18, 2023

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