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Political Mayhem regarding Copper Mining for a region of Minnesota better known for clean air, beautiful lakes and recreational forests.

If you have even briefly studied the issues surrounding sulfide ore mining, an extremely toxic inefficient mining process at best, one wonders what politicians are thinking when they waffle about suggesting the environment will be protected while they mine, log and lease the hell out of these lands. Maybe the Smothers Brothers said it best in this short skit from the Craig Ferguson Show, The Smothers Brothers on Politics called “I Am a Pilot.”

Coming soon, we will revisit a panel discussion from 2008 held at Vermilion Community College here in Ely. Panelists were Nancy Schultz, Bob Tammen, Gary Glass and Mining Minnesota’s Frank Ongaro. Even in 2008 most of the substantive issues against mining in the Arrowhead were known and discussed. And, all of the pat answers we hear today from the pro mining side were presented. So, let’s go back to 2008 and see what sulfide mining promised and let’s see how they have performed so far. Spoiler alert…they failed.

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