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Recording Park & Rec Mtg Nov 20 2023

This benchmark recording of Ely’s Park & Recreation Commission meeting on November 20, 2023 is a multi-purpose educational tool. It is an accessible window into Ely’s Park & Rec discussions, work and contributions to our community. Ely is The Gateway into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA).

Is the Commission living up to its full potential? Does the Commission realize it is a powerful voice of the community to maintain, preserve, protect and even expand open natural spaces for Nature and for passive as well as active enjoyment? Do they want to stand up (pass motions) or stand back (letting others represent the citizens and Mother Nature)? Listen to each of the Commissioners speaking tonight.

This recording is also a benchmark for how Park & Rec welcomes input from the residents and volunteers in the Ely area. Is there sincere, respectful and valued dialogue with the presenters tonight? Does the Commission use this input in their subsequent discussions and actions? Hint: yes, yes, yes. Presenters: (1) Bill Teft – identifying natural and open spaces in Ely; comparing Two Harbors zoning maps and coding with Ely’s. (2) Kathryn Farion – giving Garden Club updates.

As with other Ely Commissions, Boards and Committees, … are the attendees (audience in room) able to fully follow along and understand the discussions? What materials were provided? What could be provided or projected on the screens? What maps and documents could be posted inside the City Chambers or in the hallway before/during the meeting, so the attendees could visually see items discussed. Could the agenda and packets be posted online? Where there is a will, there is a way.

Finally, Park & Rec Commission meetings are not recorded by the City. There is nothing to (re)broadcast or stream. This recording is the only real public window brought to you by citizens wanting transparency and accountability in government, where the voices of all citizens are heard and respected. This benchmark video will be followed up with more videos marking progress. We are also setting up a website for the public where we will discuss Ely Politics. The goal is to migrate forward. Don’t kill the messengers or fight the messages. Humans are not perfect. Governments are not perfect. Re(read) the messages, focus on We the People, think smart, fix the problems, and stay transparent. Our Preamble: “We the People…, in Order to form a more perfect Union…”

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