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June 1, 2013 Canoeing the American Rivers Designated Endangered Kawishiwi River & Meeting at Sustainable Ely Headquarters

Kawishiwi River Endangered by Copper Sulfide MiningOn June 1, 2013 citizens concerned about the threats of Copper Sulfide Mining in our region met to canoe the Kawishiwi River, recently listed by American Rivers as one of the top 10 most endangered rivers in the U.S.  Later in the day the canoeists and other concerned citizens met at the Sustainable Ely Headquarters on East Sheridan St. to discuss the effects of mining proposed for our region.

The canoeing event and the meeting at Sustainable Ely can be viewed in this video:  Canoeing the Kawishiwi River and Meeting at Sustainable Ely.  Yes, the crackle and pop you hear in the canoeing portion of this video is rain hitting the camera and microphone, we were all joyously IN the rain during that portion of the day.  It goes with canoeing.

Sustainable Ely was  packed with supporters, reporters, and one or two “mining at any cost devotees.”  Jaime A. Pinkham, a member of the Board of American Rivers, gave an inspirational talk from his background as a Native American and member of that board.  He said, “American Rivers recognizes the South Kawishiwi and the Boundary Waters as a national treasure approaching a major tipping point. Those of you who live here stand up for all of us across this country, who love wild, free flowing, pure waters. I thank you.”  His complete talk can be read here, Jaime A. Pikham at Sustainable Ely.

Also speaking at the gathering was Don Shelby, former news anchor on WCCO-TV in Minneapolis, MN.  Don was much more blunt than philosophical about the threats we face with Copper Nickel Sulfide mining.  But, he was encouraging us by pointing out that many others were fighting this battle with us.  Don’s talk can also be seen and heard in the video link, Canoeing the Kawishiwi River and Meeting at Sustainable Ely.



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