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Go Polymet! Puff Piece Idealizing Sulfide Mining

It's the Laptop!

It’s the Laptop!

View Video Here:  Go Polymet Go!  “Polymet says yes to some of life’s biggest questions.”  (add your big questions you’d like Polymet to answer.)   This Polymet/Glencore (Click here to see what Glencore is all about.) puff piece starts with an attractive surprised young blond looking down at a diamond ring. After 10 more brief idealized scenes with the sound track indicating Polymet want’s to be there and sounding hundreds of jobs and billions of dollars somewhat subliminally in the background to the final scene of the same attractive young blond throwing her arms around the neck of an attractive young boy and kissing him, to the sound track of “Polymet says yes to some of life’s biggest questions.”

Video Story Board, scene by scene:

1. Surprised attractive blond, next frame diamond ring on her hand

2. Middle aged blond with doctor

3. Hybrid car with Fall Woods backdrop

4. Two clean workmen with hard hats in VERY clean mining equipment room

5. Sunrise over a meadow…maybe a production plant or city in the background

6. Hoyt Lakes clean colorful new-looking water tower

7. Closeup of person testing an electrical outlet

8. Ideal American female model reclining on a couch with laptop…this is as sexy as Polymet gets

9. Father and young daughter playing with a smart phone

10. Clean idealic welder in a large clean pipe

11. Young girl and boy frolicking on a playground

12. Finale: Attractive blond from scene one throwing her arms around attractive young boys neck and kissing him

So, young people, when you are about to pop the big question, if your intended doesn’t say yes, Polymet will. However, if you have any other big questions for Polymet, you’ll just have to wait, they haven’t been real big on answering really important life’s questions. If you have a lot of money it’s easy to be superficially “image perfect” and appear to say something, while NOT. Oh yes Polymet, by all means, GO POLYMET GO!

Life’s Big Questions for Polymet

What is more important Health or Wealth?

Will Glencore  be financially responsible for any liabilities incurred in your copper mining efforts in Northeastern Minnesota?

If you know how to “do it right” what has taken you so long?  Failed DEIS in 2009, 2200 page modified DEIS today, why can’t you get that right?

2200 page DEIS and only 90 day citizen comment period?  What are you hiding in all the paperwork?

If R.O., reverse osmosis, is too difficult and costly for Mesabi Nugget in iron country what makes your R.O. so special in a larger volume situation and more chemically complex pollutant stream?

Since you think you know “how to do it right this time”… Why haven’t you already done this successfully somewhere?

Why don’t you propose a permitting situation where you will not ask for any variances, NONE, from the MPCA or EPA…ever during the life of mine?

Why don’t you go to a third world county and prove yourself, then come back and mine in WI under the “We’ve Proven It First” banner?

Please folks we are about to be bamboozled by the mining companies and their co-horts in government…ask your questions loudly and  publicly.  Send your questions for Polymet and we will make sure that Polymet, the DNR, the USFS, and our Congresspersons get copies.

Thanks,  we are making headway in shinning light on the severe problems with Sulfide Mining in our region.  But, we must do more.  The mining companies have extra money to throw at this and a lot of our taxpayer dollars are being used against the best interests of our region.  Let your voice be heard somehow, somewhere.


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