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Dr. Lee Frelich, world renowned for his research and articles on forests and invasive species , gave 2 talks in Ely, MN

Thank you Dr. Frelich !

Dr. Lee Frelich took time out of his busy schedule to come to Ely July 21, 2015.  He gave two talks, on on Climate Change and Invasive species at the Ely Tuesday group and one at VCC that evening on the effects of Sulfide Mining on the Boundary Waters, sponsored by the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters.  Spokes person for the Campaign, Becky Rom gave the introduction for both talks and added current economic data and impacts of Sulfide mining after Lee’s evening talk.

The two videos that follow are from those events and are a must see for all who have any questions or concerns about Sulfide Mining in our region.  Dr. Frelich taught us about the delicate balance of the forest and lakes in our region and noted that the Boundary Waters is a world known and highly valued scientific baseline as research tool that benefits this region and the world.  It is rare that we get to hear about research this valuable presented in such a way that we can all understand and that belies the years and years of research it took to get to these conclusions.  And warnings, if we are smart enough to pay attention to these facts.  These videos of Dr. Frelich’s presentations have only been edited to eliminate the silence when someone in the audience was asking a question and the microphone didn’t pick that up.  However, Dr. Frelich re-phrased each question which you can hear and then answered all of our questions.  Both events were inspiring and I’ve already had over a dozen requests for DVD’s of the presentation.  That I’ll be working on soon.

Each video is about 55 minutes long, although YouTube shows the length as much longer.  After 55 minutes the videos wil appropriately go to black and continue there for a LONG time.  That is due to some error I made in editing and processing that I have not figured out, yet, how to correct.  But, I will and in the meantime, these videos are just too important not to see.

Enjoy!  And, take notes if you like and ask questions if you have any.  I’m sure we will be able to get an answer from Dr. Frelich or Becky Rom or someone from the University of the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters.

One finally comment, before you get to these excellent presentations.  Although these talks and discussions were primarily base on the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, it is self evident that this research will apply appropriately and forcefully for the defending of all our valued forests and waterways to the North Shore of Lake Superior, down the St. Louis River and to every fragmented marsh, bog, stream, river or lake in this amazing Arrowhead Region of Northeastern Minnesota.  Although the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters is a necessary and excellent campaign that I believe will be successful.  My personal interest is in seeing NO SULFIDE MINING in Northeastern Minnesota and the Arrowhead Region.  We need to protect the Superior National Forest, Lake Superior, the St. Louis River, the Cloquet Valley State Forest, the Duluth Harbor and Bay.  We can only do that by saying NO to Polymet and NO to Sulfide Mining in our region. These talks apply to these other areas also.

Effects of Climate Change and Invasive Species on the Boundary Waters

Effects of Sulfide Mining on the Boundary Waters Canoe Area


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