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St. Louis County Board rushes past Citizen involvement…if they can. Legal? It shouldn’t be!

Iron Range Politicians for Copper

Fealty Demanded

Iron Range Politicians demand fealty* from St. Louis County Board regarding a BWCA and Superior Nation Forest land swap to benefit Copper mining in Northeastern Minnesota, all their subterfuge aside.

* (An oath of fealty  was a fundamental element of the  the feudal system in medieval Europe . It was sworn between two people, the obliged person (vassal) and a person of rank (liege lord).

In a meeting intended for business so urgent that it cannot be delayed till the next meeting on January 8th, St. Louis County Commissioners passed a resolution that weighs in on an issue that has been highly controversial to citizens in St. Louis County, Minnesota and indeed the entire nation for more than 30 years. The only urgency was to avoid the voices of the public weighing in on an issue that has kept public policy makers from taking action for decades.

This version is “only” 30 minutes long and was condensed from the original 2 hour 15 minute segment dedicated to the Land Swap.  It doesn’t take a professional psychologist to see the distinct split between fact finders and fact avoiders, between those stuck in a 19th Century industrial revolution model of economic development and those desiring a cleaner healthier existence with their jobs.  Enjoy!  This is pure Iron Range Politics and coercion as only someone who has lived on the Iron Range can understand.  But, if you delve into this video, you also will understand a major part of Iron Range Politics.  We have included the full version also, should you want to see EVERY nuance of the event.



Full version of the BWCA Land Swap session

In reality less money would be made for Minnesota’s schools with the politicians plan than a plan proposed by citizens at this meeting. A proposal that was completely ignored by the board.

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