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    Zoom Meeting June 2nd 2020

    Hi folks

    We plan a zoom call for our Tuesday 10am June 2nd climate change meeting. To join click this link

    Ely Climate Change Zoom Meeting       and give the password    723803


    This month we will be joined by Mike Forsman. Mike is a Lake Country Power Director for the Ely area (District 2). Recently we heard that Great River Energy plans to close its large “Coal Creek Station” plant in North Dakota. You can read some details here Coal Creek Station   and here Great River Energy   Wind energy will provide the replacement power with some battery backup. This will be less polluting and we are all pleased for that. Will is also be cheaper? Will it be reliable? Since LCP buys its power from Great River Energy these changes affect us personally.

    Maybe Mike will also be willing to discuss what is involved in being a LCP Director and give us a feel for the possibilities and problems he sees ahead as we move to more renewable energy.

    Thank you Mike for joining us. Thanks also to Ranae for setting up the zoom using her professional membership. This avoids limits on time and participants that come with free memberships.


    Be well. Wash your hands.


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