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    Citizens Climate Lobby – Newsletter

    These monthly Citizens Climate Lobby newsletters are contributed by Doug Merrill from Lafayette, CA who for many summers has vacationed in Ely and has a great appreciation for Ely and our Arrowhead region. Doug along with Betty Lobos create this monthly newsletter for their region and group members. Doug has stated that he is very pleased to see their newsletter being distributed as it is here. The current newletter indicates that major oil producers are beginning to realize the negative effects of CO2 emissions. “Too Good to be True? BP Raises the Bar” But, the downside is commitments being made are “by 2050.” Accomplishments in CO2 reduction must come before that, by all current predictions for climate change.

    Dec 2019 newsletter CCL, Jan. 6, 2020

    Jan 2020 newsletter CCL, Feb. 5, 2020

    Feb 2020 newletter CCL, March 2, 2020