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    Zoom Meeting with Tuesday Group July 7th at noon

    Hi folks

    On Tuesday July 7th we will be having a joint Climate Change and Tuesday Group meeting. This will be at noon Tuesday, not our usual 10am time. Our guest is Prof Sarah Hobbie from the University of Minnesota. Sarah will give an overview of the natural history of the U’s research station at Cedar Creek. She will also discuss the implications of the pandemic for long term research.  Her title is “Long Term Ecological Research at Cedar Creek”.  This should be a treat!


    To join click this link

    CC and Tuesday Group Zoom    July 7th at 11.45 am for a noon start

    Meeting ID: 896 3191 8520      Password: 497568


    Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve is a 5,500 acre experimental ecological reserve operated by the University of Minnesota in cooperation with the Minnesota Academy of Science. It is located in Anoka and Isanti Counties about 30 miles north of Minneapolis and St. Paul, just east of Bethel, Minnesota. It has many ecosystems and species found throughout the forests and grasslands of North America. Faculty, staff and students who work at Cedar Creek are dedicated to understanding how human activities, such as agriculture and fossil fuel combustion, are changing ecosystems.

    Many of the experiments at Cedar Creek consider the long-term consequences of human-driven environmental changes. These include ecosystem responses to biodiversity loss, nitrogen deposition, elevated carbon dioxide, warming and changes in precipitation, and exotic species invasions.

    Sarah’s research focuses on three main areas:

    • the influence of changes in atmospheric composition and climate on ecosystem processes;
    • the effects of urbanization and suburbanization on biogeochemical cycles; and
    • the influence of plant species on biogeochemical processes.


    Sarah Hobbie is an American ecologist, currently at the University of Minnesota, a National Academy of Sciences Fellow and a Minnesota McKnight Land-Grant Professor. She is an ecosystem ecologist, known for her studies of terrestrial carbon and nutrient cycling in ecosystems ranging from tundra to cities.

    Sarah grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota. She graduated from Carleton College in 1986 with a degree in biology and earned her Ph.D. in 1995 from the UC Berkeley. As a graduate student her research was on the effect of increased temperature in Alaskan tundra on net ecosystem CO2 uptake.

    Her family has a cabin on Burntside Lake. They escape to the northland whenever time permits.

    Here are links to more information:           Research at Cedar Creek       and      Sarah’s lab at U Minn


    Happy 4th July


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