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    Nov 2019 “Solutions”

    Hi folks

    Our next Climate Change meeting will be November 5th 1st at 10am at the Ely Senior Center. Tuesday Group at noon that day is Dani Pieratos with an update on their aeroponic farm plans – “Harvest Nation Survey Results and Feedback” This month at climate change we plan to talk about various “solutions” to climate change. Many changes in our lifestyles would certainly help reduce the rate at which we emit
    green house gases, something we must do asap. But are they “solutions” to the problem? Is a solution possible?

    Note that for the last 30 years science has known about the problem and yet in that time we have added more carbon to the atmosphere than we did in the two centuries before that. In spite of our efforts to transition to clean energy the atmospheric CO2 levels continue to march upwards and show no signs of leveling off. But it is still true that any action we can take today alleviates more extreme actions required in the future.

    Here is a short article by Jonathan Franzen from the New Yorker titled “What if We Stopped Pretending?” It is worth 5 minutes of your time.

    So what can be done? The project “Drawdown” examines many actions that can help reduce carbon. This is published in a book titled “Drawdown”, edited by Paul Hawken. Almost all their analysis is also on line. Here is a link to their summary.

    Note that the total CO2 avoided by implementing ALL these DRAWDOWN proposals from 2020 to 2050 is 1035 Gtons. Compare that to 30 years of emissions at 40 Gtons per year (the current value). For “business as usual” 30 years X 40 Gtons = 1200 Gtons. So even if we can do all these items we still have more CO2 in the atmosphere in 2050 than in 2020. Is this a fair way to look at the situation?

    How do we dig ourselves out of this mess?

    Val shared this link to the most carbon polluting companies world wide. It is amazing, take a look


    Finally at noon TODAY Oct 30th on MPR there is a relevant discussion.  MPR’s description of this event  “From the Commonwealth Club’s “Climate One” series: “Scorched Earth: Culture and Climate Under Siege.” It’s about fires and deforestation and the importance of trees for carbon storage.  The speakers include Corey Brinkema of Minneapolis, the President of the Forest Stewardship Council of the U.S., and representatives of Amazon Watch and Planet. Moderated by Greg Dalton.”

    Happy Halloween, hope to see you on Tuesday

    Ely Climate Change Group

    Our next meeting will be Tuesday December 3rd 2019 at 10 am at the Ely Senior Center. The topic will be “recycling”. What happens to the stuff we put in the recycle bins? What can we do about single use plastics? What is the big picture? Are there bright spots in other parts of the globe?

    Check here again about a week before the meeting for some links to reading materials. Send me links if you have good ones, I will publish them here for us all to read. Come and join us.

    Thank you

    Barb Jones


    Ely Senior Center is at 27 S 1st Ave next to Ace Hardware