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    Zoom Meeting 10am May 5th

    Hi folks,

    We plan a zoom call for our 10am May 5th climate change meeting.  You do not need to download any software to participate. Zoom has been responsive to recent criticism of “zoom bombing” and is becoming a standard for communication. We plan to use all their security features.

    If you have not zoomed before and would like a practice session send me an email with your preferred time and I’ll set it up. This would be a short session to chat and get used to the platform. Just a couple of weeks ago I was learning this myself.

    For May 5th the main discussion will be on a new modelling tool called En-ROADS that anyone can use to try out various policies to keep the global temperature rise to less than 1.5 Celsius. Do you think we should cut coal use? Plant trees? Tax carbon? You can see how these choices and many more affect energy use and climate. En-ROADS was developed at MIT and released to the public early this year. You can find it here: En-ROADS  If you have time try it out before the meeting. If you have lots of time look at some of the training videos, especially #1 and #2. You can find them here  En-ROADS training videos  You don’t need to have the model up and running for the zoom meeting – you can watch my version.

    On another topic, you might be interested to watch the controversial video from Michael Moore “Planet of the Humans” It is free and you can find it here  Planet of the Humans It raises many topics worth discussion, maybe we should talk about it at the June meeting.

    Email me for instructions to access the May 5th zoom meeting.

    Thanks to Ranae for setting up the zoom using her professional membership. This avoids limits on time and participants that come with free memberships.


    Be well. Wash your hands.


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