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    Sept 14th Tuesday Group “Line 3, Oil and Climate”

    Line 3, Oil and Climate Sept 14th 2021

    September 7th Meeting

    Jeff Hanson told us about some regenerative agricultural techniques that improve soil fertility and enhance the soil’s carbon storage. The use of cover crops and low till practices also reduces the need for pest control. The sale of carbon offsets rewards the farmer.

    August 3rd Meeting with Jessica Hellmann, U Minn

    Jessica is Director of the U Minnesota’s Institute of the Environment. She covered many aspects of our climate problem and its solutions.

    July 6th Meeting with Roger Skraba, Ely mayoral candidate

    Roger discussed his ideas for Ely if he is elected.

    June 8th Meeting with Heidi Omerza, Ely mayoral candidate

    Heidi discussed her ideas for Ely and what she would attempt to do as mayor if elected. Ely is a GreenStep city but has not taken any recent actions in that program.