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    Topics of Past Meetings


    December          Recycling

    November          Solutions

    October              Sea level and Great Lakes Issues

    September         Presidential Candidates’ Climate Positions

    August                Climate Change in the Schools

    July                      CCL at Farmers’ Market

    June                    CCL at Farmers’ Market

    May                     CSA agriculture – Van from Northern Delicious

    April                    Global population problems

    March                 Solar Energy

    February            Climate politics, state and national

    January               4th National Climate Assessment


    December          Eric Enberg/Katya Gordon “Political and Financial Perspectives on CC”

    November          Nuclear Energy

    October              Recent global extreme weather events

    September         CCL at Farmers’ Market

    August                CCL at Farmers’ Market

    July                      CCL at Farmers’ Market

    June                    Transportation, CAFÉ standards

    May                     Cutting your C footprint.  Is burning wood really green?

    April                    Mitigation/Adaptation

    March                 Changes in the Arctic

    February            Greenwashing

    January               Putting a price on Carbon AND Leah Phifer


    December           Discussion of “Drawdown” ed Hawken

    November          Katya and Mark Gordon – Citizens’ Climate Lobby

    October              Allete Clean Energy – Eric Norberg

    September         Misc topics, Rebecca Otto

    August                Climate Generation – Kristen Poppleton

    July                      Climate Justice – Eric Kojala

    June                    The role of the Oceans

    May                     Wahams’ book “Farewell to Ice”

    April                    Lee Frelich UMinn   Our trees in a warming climate

    March                 James Hansen’s pub “Young People’s Burden”

    February            Sherpa Dorjee talking about Nepal

    January               Marshall Helmberger – Living off the Grid


    December           Home based solar – and Antarctica – Steve Piragis

    November          Some good items from the news.

    October              Consie and Roger Powell on their solar powered home

    September         More on Climate Change Leaders

    August                Climate Change Leaders

    July                      Water use and availability

    June                    COP 21 and climate justice

    May                     Minnesota’s energy generation

    April                    Germany’s Energy Transition

    March                 Wind, solar and nuclear energy

    February            Geoengineering

    January               Paris COP 21

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