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    Nov 2nd follow up info

    Nov 8th 2021

    Hi Folks

    Thanks for a good meeting last week. There were a couple of items I promised to forward.

    Here is the youtube video on hydrogen YouTube on hydrogen   It is 56 minutes long, but not technically challenging.

    As always another view point is useful. Here is another video about hydrogen in transportation, primarily looking at the Toyota Mirai in California. Hydrogen cars – the Toyota Mirai

    I found the first link by subscribing to emails from Ed Perry, (recommended by Steve Piragis) Ed’s emails are short and infrequent, but often are gems. You can subscribe by sending an email to him at <>.

    This week’s Tuesday Group should be on interest to climate group members. “Transition Towns” Here is the info from Lacey at TG:  “We’ll be hearing about the Transition Towns movement and local responses to climate change. Visitors from St. Anthony Park, a St. Paul neighborhood, will show how their community is fostering a transition from fossil-fueled systems to more sustainable ways of life. Transition Town – All St. Anthony Park ( is part of a worldwide network of communities that are thinking globally and collaborating locally to mitigate climate change and adapt to its effects. Their motto: Smaller footprint, stronger community.”

    Finally Jodi sends us information about a webinar at noon Weds Nov 10th by Kenny Blumenfeld at the MN State Climatology Office. Here are the instructions:

    If you are new to the Water Exchange series, here’s all you need to know – they are free webinars hosted by the MPCA’s Citizen Water Monitoring Program that take place over the lunch hour. Anyone can log-in and listen to water quality related presentations and get their questions answered. No need to pre-register. Just follow the link and log-in instructions included in this email.

    You can join the Water Exchange webinar in one of two ways: 1). online via WebEx or 2). phone only via conference call line. Choose the option that works best for you and follow the instructions below on November 10th:

     Join the meeting through WebEx – WebEx is a free teleconference system that will serve as the platform for the meeting. You don’t need to download anything to your computer and you don’t need a membership. Simply follow the instructions below to join the meeting:

    WebEx Meeting Log In Instructions:

    1. Click this link to launch the meeting in your internet browser: join the meeting
    2. Enter your name & email address
    3. Click the green “Join Now” button
    4. Cisco WebEx Meeting Center will open in a new window and your name will appear as a “Participant” on the right side of the screen
    5. An “Audio Connection” box will appear in the center-left of your screen. You can choose the “Call Me” option (enter your phone number and click the “Call Me” button) or connect via audio on your computer.





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