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Park & Recreation mtg Feb 26, 2024

Rescheduled regular meeting of Ely’s Park & Recreation meeting held on Monday, February 26, 2024. The following is a DRAFT of highlights. This DRAFT will be reviewed, revised and include time markers.

Last minute Request to Speak presenter suggested how Park & Rec Commission can have a greater power. “Power” isn’t/wasn’t the best choice of word, because Park & Rec isn’t into power. This isn’t the Planning & Zoning Commission. Park and Rec Commission represents the awesome spirit of Ely and its surroundings, the best of Ely’s sense of community. “Impact” is perhaps a better word than “power.” Frederica Musgrave suggested:

(1) Get minutes approved and presented faster to City Council, so there isn’t a 2-month delay.

(2) Make more motions (and pass them), so Park & Rec goes on the record for what the Commission believes in and/or wants to have happen. Work with Planning & Zoning and Bill Tefft to discuss Zoning and Coding of Open Spaces, so areas are set aside for nature, parks, and recreation. Work with P&Z and Bill Tefft to develop better noise ordinances. Some of us want to watch and hear birds within City limits. (3) Be proactive. Park & Rec is not subordinate to P&Z. You are the voice of Ely. (4) Get Park & Recreation projects on the agenda of Projects Committee. Bill Tefft mentions birding spots on Miners Lake. Can we get benches, etc.? (5) Find out from the City what active role Park & Rec now has in contacting and communicating with citizens/residents, so the Commission isn’t suddenly surprised again with similar requests. At the end of 2023, Harold Langowski wanted the Commission to get feedback from community about installing a dock, etc. on NE corner of Miners Lake. No established or suggested procedures were provided. Nobody from City Hall was there. But this was an urgent matter!

Harold Langowski joined the Commission later in evening and sat in audience. Great interaction with Commissioners, answering questions, updating about projects, etc.

The Commissioners reported about many events and project updates. Please log in again when info is more complete and includes time markers.

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