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Mining Promises and Reality

Non-Ferrous Mining Employment reality different than the sales pitch

What would be different about Non-Ferrous Mining? Nothing!

From “Mining in Minnesota’s Iron Range: Past and Future Perspectives by Thomas Michael Power, Economics Department, The University of Montana:

The Economic Promise:

Tremendous Wealth Extracted

High Wages Paid

The Economic Outcoume:

Depressed and Rundown Towns & Regions

Lower average incomes, higher unemployment

Mining Regions are Economically Depressed


What would be different with Copper Nickel Sulfide Non-Ferrous mining?  Absolutely nothing except for the significantly increased problems from acid mine drainage and the long term cleanup costs.  Ely Buzz!
The complete report can be viewed here “Past and Future Perspectives on Minnesota Mining.”

2 comments to Mining Promises and Reality

  • Frank Ongaro

    You forgot about the Univ of Minnesota Labovitz School of Economics, Duluth Campus study.

    The Economic Impact of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Mining on the State of Minn


    Very positive benefits.

  • admin

    The Labovitz School report IS most definitely positive. It is only a report of how the money comes in and flows about, nothing else. If people ran their checkbooks the way the Labovitz School reports on mining they would only enter their deposits in their checkbooks and would NEVER enter the checks they’ve written. Sorry Frank that just doesn’t work in the real world and it should not be allowed for the accounting system of any corporation or mining venture. And, a responsible member of any community should not request this type of report without VERY clearly indicating THIS IS A REPORT THAT DOES NOT LOOK AT ANY OF THE RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH MINING…WE ARE ONLY LOOKING AT THE BENEFITS!!!

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