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Mining companies have promised to “do things right this time.” Tommyknocker says, “Prove it First”

It’s been posited in print, online and from many a barstool that we all support mining, at least if we drive a car, ride a bicycle, use electricity, computer, phone or even an axe. Logically, by living in a house, owning furniture or heating with wood, we support the logging industry. Continuing down this inclusive road of reasoning, we all support clean water, too. No matter how often we brush, flush or shower, we all eat and drink fairly frequently. If we don’t, it’s not for long.

As human beings, we have developed needs for the products of mining and logging. As living organisms, we don’t have a choice about the need for clean water. We cannot sacrifice this life-supporting substance and its ecosystem if we intend to continue our own existence.

Mining companies have promised to “do things right this time.” But promises, like apologies, are worth only as much as the behavior that follows them. Promises to reverse previous reprehensible behavior are automatically suspect. (“Honest, Mom, I won’t wash Furry in the bathtub anymore.”) The recipients of such promises are wise to require proof that not only is that better behavior possible, but that it will be implemented consistently before trust will be extended. We demand just that from our children, and impose consequences when backsliding occurs. Our current situation is not so different. If the mining companies want our resources and our people, then we – those same people – must have proof, not promises, that they will take care of us, the land and the water, now and into our grandchildren’s future.

Demand that proof so we can have jobs, clean mines AND clean water.


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