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“They (Polymet?) have the reputation of getting it right the first time!”

That statement is an exact quote from Minnesota Mining’s Frank Ongaro, made during a panel discussion at Vermilion Community College in 2008. That was before the dramatic failure of Polymet and its DEIS(Draft Environmental Impact Statement), which the EPA gave the worst rating possible.

If Polymet has an inkling of what they are doing why haven’t they been able to prove in the six years since 2008 that they truly can protect the environment in Northeastern Minnesota. The issues are the same today as they were in 2008 and Polymet is the reason.

This video points out how wrong Polymet is, how strongly the mining industry relies on high-pressure tactics and why we should never believe a pitch man or salesman when it’s obvious they are trying to sell us something. Polymet relied heavily on the fast-talking Frank Ongaro in 2008; now they are turning to the top pitchman in the stable, Polymet CEO John Cherry. Why should we believe him? We shouldn’t. The facts are that Polymet DID NOT get it right the first time! And they haven’t gotten it right this time.

In 2008, Ongaro mentioned “a lot of new technology … and advanced technology.” Of course he didn’t give details, just indicated there would be a lot of MAGIC happening with Polymet. Polymet’s magic has caused the delays in their project that they so vehemently decry. They have done very little to prove they will protect Northeastern Minnesota and Lake Superior, yet they continue to beg (with their Hollywood-style TV ads) us to believe they have something magical that no copper mining company has EVER achieved: environmental success, a non-polluting process.

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