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“Fool Me Once…” Mining or Hazardous Chemical Processing

Fool Me Once; by Mike Hillman

When the Wilderness Bill was signed into law back in 1973, I congratulated an old friend who had worked long and hard to see the Boundary Waters Canoe Country a designated as a wilderness area. I thought that with the passage of the Wilderness Bill, which prevented mining, […]

Must see VIDEO about the current situation with Cu Ni Hazardous Chemical Processing in MN Feb. 2011

If you are aware of the Cu NI Hazardous Chemical Processing that too many MN Politicians are attempting to ramrod down the throats of MN citizens you know of Bob Tammen. Bob is a soft spoken, well spoken, older gentleman (my age) with more mining experience than 99% of the Politicians we’re having to inform. […]

To Hell With The Future; We Want Mining Jobs Today

By Mike Hillman

Like many people living in Northeastern Minnesota, I’m getting pretty tired of hearing about all the negative things those environmentalists are telling us about what will happen if we allow those foreign mining companies to come here and tap into the second richest undeveloped reserve of precious metals in the world. If […]

EPA rates Polymet DEIS Environmentally Unsatisfatory

“Based on our review…EPA has rated the (Polymet) DEIS as Environmentally Unsatisfactory – Inadequate, or EU-3” Received Feb 22, 2010 This is the lowest rating possible from the EPA. Mining companies are bemoaning the slow environmental review process but take no responsibility for presenting an adequate explanation for how they are going to process the […]

Number of impaired rivers and lakes up significantly since 2008 – Non Ferrous Mining Will not Help!

Impaired Lakes and Rivers in Minnesota up significantly since 2008. At a time when we should be reducing the number of impaired Lakes and Rivers the State in considering adding a major toxic polluter in Non Ferrous Copper Nickel Sulfide Rock Mining. To improve the State of Minnesota’s biotic community we are moving in the […]

Cliffs Cited for Extensive Minnesota Iron Mining Pollution

Three groups today announced their intent to file suit against Cliffs Erie, a subsidiary of Cliffs Natural Resources, for ongoing water pollution from previous taconite iron mining at three sites on Minnesota‚Äôs Iron Range. PolyMet Mining Co. plans to utilize two of the sites in order to dispose of wastes from its proposed metallic-sulfide NorthMet […]