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Your Guide to Ely, Canoe Country & the BWCAW – Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Ely, MNEly Resorts and Ely Outfitters for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness welcome you to Ely and to, your virtual gateway to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, the BWCAW. The Winter Festival is just around the corner, officially Thursday, February 5, 12am to Monday, February 16, 12am. However, as you can see the preparations are underway and it has even attracted Ely’s unofficial city bird the Common Raven, Corvus Corax. You can see the progress of the snow carvings in the Park live HERE.

This image was captured and sent to us by Linda Laumb of Apple Valley, MN. Thank you Linda. This is really a rare treat. We’ve had the webcams up for over 12 years and many people have sent us images that they have captured, but this is the first closeup of a raven. The raven stayed on camera for about 3 minutes allowing us to capture three other images that you can see in our photo gallery. It looks like the raven is watching the progress of the carvers and the festival. You can see the progress live by clicking on the raven. If you see an image that you like, capture it and email us what you say that you liked.  You can see the other raven images captured that fortuitous afternoon HERE.

As always the weather for the Winter Festival (somewhat cool, cold, colder or down right freezing) is unknown but plays a significant role in the type of snow/ice combination the amateur and pro carvers will be working with. Since it was above freezing for a few days when the forms first went up, some are predicting some ice may be present. But also as always we have some of the best most dedicated snow carvers who always please with their creativity and hard work. For photographers the variations in lighting day to day and day to night give infinite variations of form and texture waiting to be captured. We would imagine that selfies and us-ies will abound, with this years sculptures offering you wonderful opportunities to explore your creative side along side the snow carvings.

Check out the event calendar to see the events you won’t want to miss. The annual Ely Art Walk with over a hundred local adult artists and 150 youth artists participating and showing their art in the windows of 45 local merchants. And, 15-20 new artists are showing who have not exhibited in the Ely Art Walk before. It’s great to see this popular event thriving and growing.

Soon we maybe able to have a live cam that is streaming video, not just still images every 30 seconds, as we currently do. If this is something you would be interested in seeing let us know. Also, if you would be willing to help support this please let us know. We will be explaining the system and requirements in more detail on the Ely Buzz blog.